Altered Jacket

It was simple, dull, prosaic black jacket...
And then I did this :)


A New Life for the Old Coat

In our days when the consumption crisis increases every day, various ways of upcycling and reusing things are becoming trendy. One of them is altered fashion, the way to renew old clothes.
At first I planned to embroider this old coat with flowers. But when I came to a craft supply store to buy me embroidery thread for this, I saw these lovely buttons there...


Amazing Handmade Jewellery

These pieces are not mine. They are just glamorous examples of what talented people can create using their hands, knowledge and hearts. All photos were found on Pinterest.





Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/317363104964165099/


Rebellion in a Boudoir

Fresh and new photo-report from Alexandre Vassiliev's 70s fashion exhibition in Vilnius.